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About Аудио сказки

Best audio tales for children of preschool and primary school age

The audio book includes a collection of Russian folk tales. Pearls of Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Belarusian folklore.

A magnificent collection of the best children's fairy tales told by a talented actress will open you an extraordinary and diverse world of miracles and magic, introduce you to kind and sympathetic heroes and their antipodes, and gently teach you wisdom of life. These fairy tales will undoubtedly rank high in your home collection.


- Masha and the Bear

- The wolf and the seven Young goats

- Bubble, straw and bast shoe

- Chanterelle with a rolling pin

- Bunny and fox

- Smart granddaughter

- Fox and thrush

- Ryaba Chicken

Fairy tale is a genre of literary creativity:

A folk tale is an epic genre of written and oral folk art: a prosaic oral story about fictional events in the folklore of different peoples. A kind of narrative, mainly prose folklore (fairy-tale prose), which includes works of different genres, the texts of which are based on fiction. Fairytale folklore is opposed to “authentic” folklore narration.

A literary tale is an epic genre: a fiction-oriented work closely related to a folk tale, but, unlike it, belonging to a specific author, which did not exist orally before publication and had no options. A literary tale either imitates a folk tale (a literary tale written in a folk poetic style), or creates a didactic work (see didactic literature) based on non-folklore subjects. A folk tale historically precedes a literary one.

Collection properties for Android

- lullabies for toddlers

- assistant to parents, grandparents in lulling children

- audio story develops the child's imagination

- helps children to understand the world through a fairy tale

- helps kids in learning new words of the Russian language

- audio book teaches little ones kindness and justice

- lulls not only children but also adults

- lullabies for babies

- tales of Andersen, brothers Grimm, Tolstoy, Pushkin

- collection of fairy tales for children audi

- bedtime stories for free

- fairy tales of Russian writers

- audio poems by Korney Chukovsky

- Audio fables of Krylov in Russian offline

- Children's songs of Soviet times

- Audio fairy tales with pictures

- Audio fairy tales by Charles Perrault

- Songs for children

An audiobook is an artistic or educational work, usually read by a person (for example, a professional actor) or a group of them and recorded on any audio medium. Audiobooks can be considered a kind of radio play (radio drama)

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