Виселица Игра игры на двоих

Виселица Игра игры на двоих APK

About Виселица Игра

Hangman games for two players: save the hangman with your friends!

Interesting Hangman Game for two!
Hangman Game is a pun without wifi. In this game, the Hangman not only guesses the words, but also follows the plot and shows the Hangman his wisdom. Challenge with the executioner!

Introduction to the game
1. The plot of the executioner for 2 players is interesting.
2. You need to help the executioner survive.
3. You can play with friends.

Game features
1. Hangman Game will increase 2 player mode
2. The essence of the hangman game is to save the hangman through spelling.
3. Game Screen Hangman Game is simple

This game combines hangman with story friends to create a finger battle game experience. To help the executioner, you need to think fast and find the answer in the Finger Fight game.

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