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About Данетки

Danetki is a fun game for the company

Many are familiar with the situation puzzle, and for those who hear them for the first time, will tell:

Situation puzzle - a kind of puzzle games. Play can be any number of people, the main thing that there were more than 2.

One player becomes the leader, choose your favorite situation puzzle and read the rest of the players to a mysterious, confusing history, but guess should restore the situation completely.

For guessing the players have to ask questions that can be answered only "Yes", "No" or "non-essential". Also available are the issues in which the host is offered to choose from several options. If the master believes that the question can not be answered unequivocally - it can also answer "incorrectly."

You can directly ask the master numbers, because they can easily guess the bust.

For example, guessing the situation: "The man at the station to buy a ticket at the box office, he was told," The train in 13 minutes. " Man looks at the ticket and throws why? ".

The process of guessing might look like this:

- He picks up a ticket in the future?

- No.

- Went this person somewhere, using a ticket?

- No.

- A man threw a ticket because of superstition?

- No.

- Was the man alone?

- Yes.


What is so special applications "situation puzzle?"

- Our application is a collection of the best danetok in which we have ever played. Surely some of you have already heard, but guarantee our application you will find a lot of new slaughter danetok.

- Easy-to-application interface allows you to play and have fun in a minute after installation.

- The app will give you many hours of fun and unforgettable

The situation puzzle you can play anywhere!

- In the cafe

- On a break at work or at the university

- On a trip

- At any party

Install situation puzzle and have fun with your friends now!

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