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About Дуэль Художников

Draw for your friends and guess what they draw for you! Online game over the network

If you like to play Crocodile drawing with your friends, then you will love to draw in this online game with rivals. It is not necessary to be an outstanding artist, it is enough to show imagination to explain the hidden word in a social game on the network for drawing.

Available game modes:

- Interesting online games with a random player;

- Duel with the player through search by name;

- Playing with VK friends;

- A single player game in which you can only guess the words drawn by someone;

- Workout mode - draw for the soul.

People create amazing riddles, puzzles and charades for each other from drawings, which allow them to guess the word using the clues.

Online game for two, however you can create duels with up to 35 players at the same time. This way you will never get bored!

Free game with friends from VK. Link your social network account to your game profile, and you will see all your friends who also take part in game duels. Invite your friends and play this online crocodile-like game together, it's fun!

The main features of the drawing:

- Online game with a random player or friends from VK;

- The player's avatar is loaded from VK when it is linked;

- Purchase of additional colors for coins to paint more accurately and more colorful;

- Rating of players - it is always interesting to keep track of your progress;

- Statistics of your creativity;

- Hints to simplify the game;

- Simultaneous game with 35 opponents;

- Complaints about players if they write an answer instead of drawing or behave obscenely, and their nickname contains insults;

- Ability to save your creativity to the picture gallery;

- Drawings feed is a drawing rating in which you can see masterpieces published by other people;

- Event of the Day - Players are given the theme of the day. The artists draw the same word, and the rest choose the best one.

The game is free, so there are ads in it. After any purchase of game currency, advertising in the game will be disabled.

Play with your friends, prove that you draw better than them!

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