Check the ban on traveling abroad online in the application according to the databases of the FSSP, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Tax Service

You can check the ban on traveling abroad in order to check whether there is a ban on traveling abroad, you need to send a request and provide your data. The application will check the databases of the Federal Bailiff Service, the Federal Customs Service, the Federal Tax Service, the NBKI, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the traffic police and credit organizations to identify possible restrictions on leaving the country.

- What are the reasons for imposing a ban on traveling abroad?

The ban on traveling abroad for citizens of the Russian Federation is regulated by Federal Law No. 229-FZ of 02.10.2007. An FSSP officer has the right to impose a ban on crossing the border due to existing debts, and a Border Guard officer will not let him through Russia under control:

-- Unpaid traffic police fines, taxes (including penalties);

-- Arrears of alimony, compensation for harm caused to health, compensation for loss of a breadwinner, recovery of property damage or moral damage, if the amount of debt under executive documents is more than 10,000 rubles;

-- The amount of debts in enforcement proceedings exceeds 30,000 rubles;

- The amount of debt over 10,000 rubles for more than two months;

-- Other claims of a non-property nature;

-- If you have debts, they must be closed in advance, at least 2 weeks before the planned date of vacation (business trip).

How can I find out if I can travel abroad?

Finding out whether it is possible to travel abroad without obstacles is quite simple, you need to send a request to bailiffs or check for debts for overdue fines, transport taxes, lawsuits, overdue loans.

For self-check, fill in the data specified in the application, pay the fees according to the tariffs and the service will conduct a full check of all debts for all bases. Your e-mail will receive a response with the result within a few hours. It is also possible to check if it is blocked to travel abroad through public services, we highly recommend checking both in public services and in the application for finding restrictions on traveling abroad.

How to remove the ban on traveling abroad?

In fact, at the airport, or when crossing the border, it’s too late to fix anything. Border guards do not have the right to release, even if you paid the debt on the spot. The bailiff needs at least 7 days to collect all the data, certificates and confirmations to lift the restrictions.

In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to pay off all existing obligations for enforcement proceedings in advance on time and inform your bailiff about this, under ideal conditions, restrictions are removed within two weeks.

Traveling abroad for bankrupts

In the event that a citizen of the Russian Federation is declared bankrupt, by a court decision, his right to travel outside the state may be limited.

Early cancellation of the decision to ban crossing the border can be canceled at the request of a citizen if there is a good reason (treatment, education, care for seriously ill relatives), taking into account the decision of the creditor (the person applying for the ban).

If there is a good reason for requiring a citizen to leave the Russian Federation, at the citizen's request and taking into account the opinion of creditors and the financial manager, the arbitration court has the right to early cancel the temporary restriction of the citizen's right to leave the Russian Federation.

Departure of a minor child abroad

When leaving the country without being accompanied by an adult (legal representative), a minor must have:

consent to leave from one of the parents, certified by a notary;

foreign passport and passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (upon reaching 14 years);

In addition, to visit some countries you may need:

-- consent of two parents and a document confirming kinship (guardianship);

-- birth certificate;

- To notarize the consent to the departure of the child, it is enough to contact the nearest notary.

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