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The New York Times. All that is worthy of translation.

And what do the media of foreign countries think, write and compose about Russia? It turns out there are a lot of things. If you are interested, check out Inosmi. What are the Poles discussing, what are the Swedes arguing about, what is the opinion of the Chinese? You can read in Russian what in ordinary life you would need to learn a foreign language.

The Internet project InoSMI.Ru specializes in translating the most striking and remarkable materials of foreign media into Russian. We translate not only publications about Russia, we are also interested in what, as well as, most importantly, why is happening in the world.

The application will allow not only to get acquainted with the translations of the most interesting and outstanding articles of the foreign press, but also to get access to photo tapes, videos, analytical materials. For the convenience of users, the search system will allow you to find the desired article, and also makes it possible to select materials on a topic of interest. Users can comment on materials and participate in their discussion.

Inosmi - Everything that is worthy of translation!

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