Крокодил 18+ Стыдно, но весело

Крокодил 18+ Стыдно, но весело APK

About Крокодил 18+ Стыдно, но весело

Party game. Playing Crocodile has never been so fun!

Tired of playing an ordinary crocodile? ?

I would like to continue to conquer all your acting skills, but do you think that you have already shown all the words? ?

These you just did not come across!

The familiar "Crocodile" has become quite adult!

Literally! Game 18 +! ?⚠

Gather a company and start having fun! To laugh here is exactly what! ???

Crocodile 18+ is a pantomime game. In order to successfully complete a task, you need to possess your own body and facial expressions quite well. The game is very useful - in fact, very few adults can boast the ability to express emotions and feelings with the help of gestures.

The rules are well known: without words, using only facial expressions and gestures, you need to show a hidden word or phrase!

But the most important rule - do not be shy! ?

This wonderful game is able to perfectly cheer up any company!

Also, "Crocodile 18+" will help you become more open, relaxed and creative!

Crocodile 18+ is a game for adults and is not recommended for people under 18 years old.

You can learn a lot for yourself! ?

Enjoy! ?

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