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About Пираты и Сокровища

Collect cards, gather your team and go on a treasure hunt!

The game "Pirates and Treasures" is an exciting adventure in which you enter the world of pirates and in order to return to your world, you need to go through all the islands and find a special artifact.

Your path will be full of dangers, as each island is inhabited by hostile pirates who will hinder your progress. You will fight pirates, solve puzzles and look for treasures.

To revive a character and add it to your collection, you need to:

1) Download the app "Pirates and Treasures" on your phone or tablet

2) Run it, wait for the menu to load and then click the "Scan Character" button

3) After the camera turns on, point your phone or tablet at a card with a picture of a character or artifact. Make sure the room is bright enough and the card is lying flat.

4) After reviving a character or artifact, he will be added to your team. Don't forget to upgrade the heroes of your team!

With your team ready, go on a treasure hunt!

For all questions: [email protected]


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