Подприсмотром – поиск няни

Подприсмотром – поиск няни APK

About Подприсмотром - поиск няни

Supervised will help you find a nanny to look after your child

"Under supervision" - an application for finding nannies.

The application will help you find a nanny for short-term babysitting in a situation where you need to leave for urgent business, the child is sick, and parents do not have the opportunity to take sick leave, when you need to meet children from school or take them to the section, read lessons with them, or just want to be alone.

At the same time, a complex rating system for nannies will help to create an objective picture of the level of service and competencies of a nanny. Using the application, you can always be sure that the nannies have passed the identity check, as well as a full check for:

- no criminal record;

- the presence of FLG;

- Lack of accounting by a psychiatrist;

- Lack of registration at the narcologist.

Set the price yourself.

Supervised gives parents and nannies the opportunity to set their own price for childcare services, depending on the following factors:

- Duration of supervision;

- Supervision time (night, day);

- Number of children and their age;

- Complementary services (cooking dinner, cleaning the house, reading lessons, etc.).

Absolutely free for customers.

"Under supervision" is absolutely free for customers at all stages of its use. No subscriptions for parents or nannies.

Constant online stream.

Supervised gives parents the opportunity to access a permanent online stream while looking after their children. The presence of an online stream will allow parents to objectively assess the quality of the services provided by the nanny, as well as make timely adjustments during supervision, for example, take medicine, go to bed or not eat certain foods. In addition, a constant online stream will help protect nannies in case of conflict situations.

Ease of use.

Supervised is very easy to use. Parents need to place an ad in which they need to indicate the price and describe all the significant details that are needed during childcare.

After the ad enters the order feed, parents will begin to receive offers from nannies who are ready to provide their services and choose the most suitable one from them.

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