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Quiz True or False. Answer the questions! Find out the answers! New facts!

Welcome to the exciting quiz True or False , where you will have to answer the most interesting and unusual questions.
They cover a wide variety of topics. Many answers will surprise you. True or false, yes or no, true or false - you can see all this in our quiz!

The game contains the most interesting facts from various fields of science, sports, cinema, nature, geography, culture and many others.
Questions are based on real facts and cover all areas of activity.
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The Game True or False is an exciting quiz that will allow you to plunge into the world of incredible and amazing facts, test and improve your knowledge in various fields. In this quiz game, you need to determine whether statements are True or False.

The task is to determine whether the proposed fact is true or false. We have collected interesting levels for you. This hobby allows you to spend time with fun and benefit!
There is no need to look for answers on the Internet. Regardless of whether you give the correct answer or not, the game provides an answer to it with facts. What is very convenient, you can guess and learn something new at the same time!

True or False is without a doubt one of the best intelligent and fun quiz games. You will learn many different and interesting facts about topics that you could not even imagine.

It's true? Pick the true or false tests you are interested in and see how much you know about them to test your knowledge.

If you want to expand your knowledge or just have a good time, test your brain now!

The time spent playing True or False will bring you a good mood and a sea of ​​positive emotions. While playing this game, you can not only test your knowledge, but also learn a lot of interesting and new things.

Thousands of facts, different difficulty levels, colorful design - all this is a True or False quiz! Enjoy combining business with pleasure! ?

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