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About Сканворд.ру журнал: сканворды

Those same scanwords from your favorite newspapers and magazines. The format changes, the authors are the same)

Skanvord.ru magazine is a favorite application of readers who remember the good old scanwords and crosswords of the publications "Mother-in-law", "Zyatyok", "Lisa Crosswords", "Babushkin's compote", "777", "Mole" and even "Mysterious newspaper".

There are a variety of scanwords in the application - simpler and more complex, with photographs, with classic questions or associative ones: "in one word" or "one word, two words", like the tips of Elder Fura. In any magazine there is one English-Russian crossword puzzle and one "hole", I hope you will understand why it was called that. On each page you are greeted by a character of our cheerful family. Join us!

All scanwords are free for the reader. This is an annual collection: 52-53 issues of 20 scanwords each. The full annual arsenal of scanwords will "eat" about 50 MB on the phone - pictures are small, text is text. We appreciate the space on your phone.

The Internet is not needed for solving. Provided that the scanwords themselves are already on your phone. A new issue of the magazine is published every Friday. If you have left the "notification" option active, then once a week on Friday at 12-00 local time you will receive a reminder of the new number. Upon entering the application, the download of a new log occurs automatically and, upon successful completion, is no longer repeated. In addition, you can download or delete any of the magazines on your phone one by one, or download all the magazines in one click through the "Settings".

The main features, including access to all scanwords, are free for the reader in the application. Banquet is paid by the advertiser. He is allowed to have one narrow banner on each page + one interstitial ad display before opening the scanword. Our advertiser does not interrupt the guessing process. Also, the advertiser generously rewards the reader with free tips for watching their videos.

Any reader has the right, but is not obliged, to "interrupt" the advertiser, and: a) disable advertising forever, b) subscribe, which turns off advertising for the duration of the subscription and gives unlimited tips, c) dial tips by weight. All these possibilities are presented on the showcase in the "Store".

What else besides scanwords? The authors are actively developing the second project of Scanvord.ru - the application "Word". In the "Word" the reader is offered other word puzzles: filwords and dictionaries, and soon "Millionaire" and "Words from letters in a circle." In combination with the Russian language, the Word already uses English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Tatar, Bashkir and 10 more languages ​​of the peoples of Russia. The 2021 version adds Italian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Georgian. The application "Word" is focused not only on warm-up in native Russian, but also on learning foreign languages ​​in an original playful way.

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