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Carefully, the game is addictive!

Word from the Word - intellectual game, also known as "Typewriting." The main objective of the game is to make words from the letters of another word, the so-called anagrams.

The rules of the words are simple and will be understood by all who are familiar with the grammar of the Russian language. Allowed to use common nouns in the nominative case and the singular. Exceptions are nouns in the plural, if the word is not the singular, for example, pasta, glasses, etc. It is forbidden to use the diminutive nouns, such as mom, cat, rabbit, etc.

The game is available 72 levels, each of which can be up to 50 words. To go to the next level the player has to guess a certain number of words. For clues to guess the word is charged. With their help, you can open the letters in another unsolved words. Tips can also be purchased or obtained free of charge for the performance of certain actions.

Distinctive features of the game Word of the Word:

& Bull; great design

& Bull; tips for guess the word

& Bull; table of records for those who like to compete

& Bull; awards for the number of words drawn

Making the words of the words can be interesting and useful for the mind to spend time, learn new words, check their literacy and erudition. This game will definitely appeal to fans of crossword puzzles and puzzles, play puzzles and participate in quizzes, in general, do all the things that causes the brain to work and develop. Have a good game!

Background music in the game written by Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org)

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