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Compose words from a word for free and without the Internet. Word search gives +80 erudition

Words from the Word is an intellectual word puzzle. Compose words from the letters of a long word to complete all levels of the game word by word.


? You can play Words from Words absolutely free and without internet

? 550+ levels, over 10,000 words to compose

? rich vocabulary including neologisms and rare words

⏱ different types of levels including timed levels and bonus levels

? 3 levels of difficulty - the word game will be interesting for everyone


You need to make words from the letters of the given word. For example, the words "program" can be formed into the words "gram", "horn", "mountain" and etc.

It is allowed to use common nouns in the nominative case and the singular (plural if the word does not have a singular, for example, "scissors", "gate", etc.). Words from a word must consist of at least three letters.

The entered words are automatically checked and added to the list of guessed ones. All words from the word are divided by complexity into 3 categories:

1. Simple. Well-known commonly used words: mom, home, play, etc.

2. Words are more complicated, for example, monk is an Orthodox monk, kapa is a boxer's tooth protector, etc.

3. Complex. Highly specialized, obsolete or rare words, for example, ducat is an old coin, palm is a unit of length, etc.

For each letter of a simple word you guessed, you get one coin, for each letter of a more difficult word - 2 coins, for a complex one - 3.

Coins can be used to get a hint (open a letter in a word, find out the meaning of a word, or open the whole word), to do this, click on any unopened word.

The puzzle is also known as "compositor", this game was played in the finale of the program "Finest Hour". The application will be interesting for fans of such games as "Balda", "Words from the word", "Make words", "Slovobor", "Gallows", "Word Search", as well as for those who like to solve crossword puzzles and puzzles.

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