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About Ставки

Play and enjoy Fonbet style soccer betting anytime, anywhere!

Especially for you, football fans, we have developed our game together with the bookmaker Fonbet sports betting since 1994.

Throughout life, a person has to make a choice. Which university to go to, which car to drive, or what to buy for dinner. The ability to choose is a manifestation of free will and the ability to build our lives the way we want. However, the choice is always fraught with difficulties. If only because you have to give up one in favor of the other.

It's the same in sports. Making a choice between one team in favor of another team, we take on the burden of responsibility.

We have developed this game for you to feel what a player feels when placing a bet on sports betting.

Fonbet always stands for responsible gambling.

Fonbet is the leader and that is why we decided to develop the game with them.

You need to bet on your favorite team. Just like in Fonbet sports betting.

Blue or red, your choice.

We chose a team, made a bet and watch which team will become champions today.

Everything is absolutely free - after all, the purpose of the application is for you to experience the excitement of real sports betting in the style of fonbet.

If the team you bet on wins, you get your prize.

Play and enjoy football anytime, anywhere.


There is no real sports betting in our game.

The game was developed by our studio and is not associated or affiliated with LLC "F.O.N"

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