ЧекСкан: кэшбэк за покупки

ЧекСкан: кэшбэк за покупки APK

About ЧекСкан: кэшбэк за покупки

CheckScan - cashback for checks and online purchases, promotional codes for bargains

CheckScan is a free application with which you can get cashback for checks and online purchases. Find promotions and discounts on groceries at stores near you. Use promotional codes for discounts in cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. Make a shopping list with the best deals.

Main features of the application:

- scanning of receipts, obtaining information about goods;

- creation of convenient shopping lists;

- receiving cashback (money per check) for scanning any receipts (from shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, shopping centers);

- receiving cashback for purchases in online stores;

- smart statistics on your expenses for any period based on machine learning;

- the ability to find goods from the check at a better price in stores nearby;

- search for goods actually purchased by users and their current prices throughout Russia;

From December 2020 in ChekScan you can find discounts and promotions in the following stores: Pyaterochka, Magnit, Perekrestok, Lenta, Vkusville, Dixie, Fix Price, Red and White, Sbermarket, Rive Gauche, Auchan (Auchan), Globus, Daughters sonny, OK (OK), Carousel, SPAR (Spar), Rainbow smile, ABC of taste, Metro Cash & Carry (Metro), Bristol, Prisma, Your home, Victoria, BILLA (Billa), Family, Perfume leader, Brighter , Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher), Beethoven, Megamart, Bystronom, Bakhetle, Komandor, Selgros, Kirovsky, Foodcity, Buket.love and many others.

ChekScan daily brings together hundreds of thousands of active buyers in Russia who want to know the prices of products in different stores and purchase goods at a profit. Check Scan is a free cash register receipt scanner with QR codes, as well as an application that allows you to find goods from cash register receipts that are sold in stores nearby and are cheaper. You can also analyze your expenses, find out on which product categories, on which days and in which stores you spend the most.

Now in CheckScan you can receive cashback and earn from checks. Scan checks, save them and get money and cashback for checks. Bring friends and get money and cashback for it. Not only save, but also earn.

Also get cashback for purchases in online stores in the categories Travel, Home appliances, Baby products, Electronics and much more!

CheckScan allows you to create convenient shopping lists - enter the necessary products and see the real prices at which they were purchased by other users in the stores of your city. So you will find out where it is most profitable to buy and how to save on purchases, because CheckScan talks not only about promotions and discounts on products, but also about the real prices for everything. Checks and lists can be shared and exported via instant messengers, in CSV format or a picture of a QR code.

By scanning checks through a QR code and storing information about them, Check Scan users form a base of prices for products and goods in different stores.

The location of goods and their price will help all CheckScan users to always make more profitable purchases and save money. Calculate the value of your purchases from the comfort of your home.

Do you want to develop CheckScan together with us? Write feedback and suggestions directly to the developers by clicking the "Write a review" button in the user profile window.

Scanning checks and QR code of checks to get information about the goods in the check.

Information from the OFD and the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

The application does not show taxes and does not provide access to the personal account of the Federal Tax Service.

How it works:

After the merchant has struck the cashier's check, the information is immediately or after some time transmitted to the fiscal data operator (OFD). The Tax Service uses a database of different OFDs to aggregate information on cashier's receipts.

Check Scan, using the data of your check, receives information from the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate about goods, cost and seller and displays it to you.

Using this information, CheckScan will help you find cheaper products.

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