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ЯRUS — уютная социальная сеть APK

About ЯRUS

ЯRUS: Read or write, shoot or watch and earn!

ЯRUS is an application with the idea of ​​combining content of various formats without ads: news, music, events, videos, stories on one platform, and allowing the user to customize the application to suit their interests.

Tier "News"

We aggregate over 10,000 news sources and our news recommendation engine reflects preferences unique to each user. Without the influence of promotion factors from news agencies and advertising banners.

In the News section (News Tier), you can see news trends across all sources, determined by the frequency of mention on news resources, and fresh news from all sources. There is also a Region tab, where you can select news from a specific city in Russia, and an Interests tab, where news is sorted by topic. If the existing interests do not suit you, then creating your own interest in the news is a useful feature.

Bloggers Feed Tab

A place where any content author can show their creations to all users of the YaRUS platform at once. If you shoot large or vertical videos, write cool posts, post interesting photos, the entire audience of the application will see you. So you can gain subscribers and get support from them with the help of coins!

Create your own tier (Personal Tiers)

In order to select news from the information noise only on topics of interest, you can create your own personal Tier.

For example, you like the actor who played the main role in the film Major Grom: The Plague Doctor, Tikhon Zhiznevsky. Create a tier called, for example, "Tikhon Zhiznevsky" and indicate the words related to the topic (name, movie titles) and the sources from which you are interested in recommendations - news, videos, publications or events.

As a result, you get a page with news about your favorite actor. And there can be any number of such tiers, they will be available on the main screen of the application.

Coins ЯRUS

We have introduced the simplest support system for content authors: YARUS Coins. Every day, any user of the application can take 5 coins. You can save these coins (but this is a very long time), or you can support your favorite authors with them or mark posts, videos, stories that you like. The authors of these materials will be able to exchange the received coins for a cash prize.

Tier "Video"

In this section, we collect trending videos from 10 popular video hosting sites, make editorial selections by topic, and offer you to watch only the most interesting ones. Filter videos or find videos through search - on one page!

Tier "Events"

Now the "Events" tier is under active development. This is a poster of options for spending free time with children, family, friends - both paid and free.

We collect events in a common poster from more than 1000 cities throughout Russia and continue to add to this list. And you can also post your event, which will be included in the general feed along with the top events in your city!

Also, the YaRUS team is constantly looking for new formats: it creates interesting interactive tests for you, launches contests and much more. Install the application and be on the same wavelength with all of Russia!

And in the application, you can get promotional codes and discount bonuses for your purchases. Look for them in the section "Bonuses and promo codes"

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