اخر حرف لعبة حرب الكلمات

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About اخر حرف

Get ready to challenge your intelligence and speed in the game Last Letter: War of Words

Are you looking for a free word game that will test the limits of your vocabulary, train your brain, and challenge your typing speed?

Do you think you can beat the expert word champions in the game? And play against other players online!

If you are looking for this kind of challenge, do not hesitate to download the “Akher Letter” game. It is one of the best free games that support the Arabic language with unlimited fun.

The idea is simple: all you have to do is beat longer words that start with the last letter of the word given by your opponent, and write it quickly before the time runs out.

It may sound like an easy game, right? Well, think again.

It is a challenge for your mind and your skills in using Arabic words. Where each word you use must start with the same letter as your opponent's previous word, and in many levels; Certain characters must be used or simply removed from the keyboard! However, the autocomplete feature can help you to find long and distinctive words that will easily beat your opponent.

Game features:

? Play online! Play against friends or strangers!

? Start with the easy rounds, then challenge yourself, as time goes by the difficulty of the game increases.

? Different stages with time limit to play in story mode.

? Free to download, free to play!

? Quick rounds with fast play!

? Make use of the login feature so you can keep your progress, and play with your friends.

? In-game purchases to get more auto-complete.

Do not miss the opportunity to develop your skills in the Arabic language and challenge yourself and your friends in the interesting game “Akher Harf”.

Download it now and start playing today!

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