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About شات عربي

Group chat rooms, get to know Arab girls from all over the world for free and without registration!

Arab chat Meet new Arab friends from all over the world and enjoy group chat or start a private conversation in writing and audio Share with them videos and photos Wall of publications for friends Dating without registration or subscription for free.

=> Chat rooms: Choose the appropriate chat room for your country and meet new people near you.

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=> Application features:-

- You can enter the chat via mobile or the web from the desktop without downloading Java or programs.

Download the application from the Play Store and install it on Android and enter the chat with ease.

=> Chat Features:

There are no specific rules or restrictions about the type of discussions or dialogues circulating in the Arabic chat application | Arabic Chat, but care should be taken to avoid offensive or inappropriate speech.

- Meet new people and make friends from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other parts of the Arab countries.

- Create public or private written group conversations and share your opinions with members and friends in the chat.

- You can share images from the Internet or from your personal device within the chat with all members.

- You can share and publish videos from YouTube within the chat with your friends and everyone else.

- You can listen to all radio stations and podcasts in the chat.

- You can post a diary on your wall and share it with your friends in the chat.

=> Please follow the chat room rules, here are some important reminders:

- You should avoid entering inappropriate names so as not to be blocked by the moderators in the chat.

It is strictly forbidden to utter offensive words to any member within the chat.

It is strictly forbidden to discuss religious and political conversations, and to respect opinions and religions.

Stay safe and do not provide any personal information to anyone.

It is strictly forbidden to publish any website within the chat with the intent of advertising or defamation.

=> (UGC user acceptance requirement):

We are very keen to observe the applicable privacy policy regarding user acceptance of UGC, which made us develop a strict ban feature in case the subscriber does not comply with the agreement (Usage Policy) and the administration will take measures in this regard, including:

✔ Block abusive users who break our Terms of Use.

✔ Removal of sensitive and objectionable content (texts + media) at maximum speed.

✔ We have a system to report sensitive and objectionable content.

=> Security and Privacy:

Arabic Chat encrypts the data and information of guests and subscribers and is not shared with any third party, except for the information that you write yourself on your profile (profile) which is data that can be seen by other subscribers. Also, any texts, phrases, or media that you share through Arabic Chat with other users is at your own risk and the application has nothing to do with it.

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