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The game (Human animal plant inanimate country) is a very famous and very entertaining game.

It is a game that helps develop skills and develop information for players, in addition to helping with quick intuition and training the mind to think quickly.

Game Features:

* You can create a personal account by typing your name and choosing an appropriate picture.

* You can play with a group of people by creating a group room and publish the room code for them to join, and then you can click on the beginning of the game to reveal the character that you will compete for.

* You can also play with any player randomly by clicking on random selection.

* You can follow your results in the game or change your personal account information at any time.

- You can find out the global ranking of the first hundred players and see if you are among the top hundred competitors.

- The ability to add friends and send competition invitations.

- The possibility of knowing the players' time conditions.

- The ability to remove friends from the list.

? Can you be the first to fill in all the fields??

- The goal of the game is to complete all the fields based on the given letter, provided that the letter is at the beginning of the word.

- Words are corrected and evaluated manually between players.

- The first person to press the I finished button is the only person who has the possibility to correct the solutions of other players and the ability to choose the new letter, the rest of the players can review the solutions of others to increase the linguistic score and to make sure that there are no cheating attempts.

The basic fields are:

Boy: It means a male name.

Girl: It means a feminine name.

Animal: any kind of animal.

Plant: fruits, vegetables, flowers, or trees.

Inanimate: anything other than living things.

- Country: includes the names of countries, their capitals, and important cities in the world.

Occupation: Any applicable profession.

An example of a round playing with the letter shin:

Boy: Shady

Girl: Shadia

- animal: chimpanzee

- plant: a tree

- Inanimate: Sharcher

Country: Chicago

Profession: policeman

Your rating for the game is very, very important! It helps us to improve it from time to time.

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This game is for geniuses only.

Are you a genius?!

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