لعبة كلمة السر الذكية 2 الجزء

لعبة كلمة السر الذكية 2 الجزء APK

About لعبة كلمة السر الذكية 2 الجزء

Smart Password 2 game, the second part of the most beautiful intelligence, mind and puzzle-solving games

We present to you the new version of the password game Part Two, Break, which is an extension of the smart password game

Password Break game is a new and fun game of intelligence games, mind games and password games or the missing word, but in a new and entertaining way and depends on the operation of the mind and thinking where the game depends on finding the words that appear in the picture and writing them off from the table of letters in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal way. The game contains a large number of stages and the stages are divided into several sections, starting from the easy to the most difficult

In the new password game Break Part Two. We have set levels for the game where you can control the level of difficulty from the main menu in the game and then enter the settings menu and choose the difficulty. In the easy level two words appear, in the medium one word appears and in the difficult level you will have to discover all the words in the picture..

If you are a fan of intelligence, puzzles, thinking and crossword puzzles such as link game or who will win the million or crush words or others, this game will definitely impress you

The goal of the game is to try to activate your memory and think about finding the required word, and this is what makes you gain skill in speed of observation, accuracy and intuitiveness.

Features of the password game part two

- Completely free game

- A light intelligence game that does not require much space

- Compatible with all Android devices

- A carefully designed interface and the best designs

- The game is equipped with three levels of difficulty .. easy, medium and hard .. (you can choose the level of difficulty from the settings menu)

Autosave where you are

Endless times of fun

-Suitable for everyone

A fun and entertaining game that you can download now and share your opinion about the new password game from Brick Games

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