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About من سيربح المليون الإسلامية

Is your religious information good? Then download this app for free and try to win

Who will win the one million Islamic is an interesting, fun and useful competition in which you will find many questions in religious culture, especially in the field of Islamic religion. Of course, the questions are taken from the Holy Qur’an, as well as the noble Prophet’s biography, in addition to questions related to the history of religion and Islamic countries.

The questions asked have been verified the correctness of their answers in an accurate and reliable way, God willing, due to their specificity and the sanctity of some of them that do not tolerate incorrect or wrong answers. But despite this, we invite you, our dear brothers, to inform us of any deficiency or error that occurred, inadvertently and unintentionally, in any of the information. Thank you very much. God is the Grantor of success.

The competition of Who Wants to Win a Million Islamic is a competition for religious questions in addition to the fact that some of them revolve around Islamic countries, either geographically, historically or otherwise, and this competition consists of twelve questions, the contestant must answer each question to pass the next question and the difficulty of the questions varies with each stage to The goal of the million and the last question

The contestant has three help to reach the million:

Delete two answers

- Help the audience

- Call a friend

You can withdraw at any stage

The aim of the contest Who Will Win a Million Islamic is to share religious information and review it in a new and competitive way and also to evaluate your information, my brother contestant, so the million is virtual and it is only for entertainment and excitement

This app is not for making money

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