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Tired of thinking about what you will cook for your child? Nationalist download the application today to start cooking

Tired of thinking about what they will cook food for your child? What are the main eating recipes that will help your child grow properly? Nationalist download the application today to start cooking, give your child the best meal he can dream about!

The application contains more than 90 recipe variety of recipes babies and how they work step by step to prepare an appropriate and healthy dishes.

There are a variety of recipes to feed the baby and help you with your meal plan, which is classified by age of the child

We have recipes from grain, fruit recipes, recipes vegetables, egg yolk and various soups, and meat and fish recipes and other recipes ...

From birth to first steps, your child gets all the nutrients of breast milk, but to support the growth will be in need of nutrients from solid sources to take the food requirements and thus keep his diet and weight

 Pthouderk your baby's food homemade these recipes will cost you almost nothing ... will're saving money, not a meal your child contain any added industrial Booze Ttjnpin preservatives found in baby food ready unwanted, and you're able to better meet the needs of your child fresh and healthy ingredients

And most importantly ... making your own baby food is very satisfying for you and your child?

We have the most reluctant age groups are:

4 to 6 months ●

6 to 8 months ●

8 to 9 months ●

9 to 12 months ●

12 to 24 months ●

This application is easy to use and you can use it without having to connect to the internet

Tansu not evaluate the program five-star ***** does not give us your comments and thank you encouraging

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