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[New welcome! Celebration 2nd anniversary] \ If you start now, you can get all 20 "constant" characters! In addition, there are plenty of bright rainbow stones for 130 consecutive gachas and sparkling stones for 7 highest rare skills! /

▼ Real-time large number participation type action battle!

Operate the Takehime you raised and play against other players!

The combination of skills and equipment is ∞ (Infinity)!

Let's "attractive" the operation tech with the cancel action!

▼ Anytime, anywhere with anyone. Great battle quest mode!

When you enter the battlefield, all the enemies!

If you earn a score and make it huge, you will be exhausted!

Let's decide today's strongest (top)! ??

▼ 4vs4 Team Battle League!

A total battle over the central area in a team of four!

Even if you lose with your own strength, Gekokujo is not a dream depending on your strategy and cooperation!

Gather friends, fight with your enemies!

▼ Customize the appearance of the character!

You can dress up with avatar accessories lined up in the store on a daily basis!

Equipped with a color customization function that breaks the rules of the charage industry!

Let's run to the battlefield with a custom-made Takehime just for you!

▼ A fantasy swashbuckler story that colors the Takehimes

Two-axis type of main supremacy war edition and character story!

I don't get caught between matches, so

Read at your own pace when you have time to deepen your love for Takehime!

▼ Price

App body: Free

* Some paid items are available.

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