脱出ゲーム Cat!Cat!Cat!

脱出ゲーム Cat!Cat!Cat! APK

About 脱出ゲーム Cat!Cat!Cat!

It is an escape game where you can enjoy a room with a cat. Collect various items and solve the mystery to escape.

Welcome to "Escape Game Cat!Cat!Cat!".

you are in a locked area.

Solve the mystery and escape.

This escape game is a simple operation with only taps, and you can enjoy it for free until the end.

【how to play】

・Tap the place you care about and check it.

・Tap an item to select it, then tap where you want to use it.

・When you want to examine an item, you can enlarge it by tapping the item twice.

・If you use another item for the enlarged item, some items can be combined.


・An escape game where you can enjoy a tasteful world view with beautiful graphics and BGM.

・There are many simple riddles, so even beginners can enjoy it.

・It is an autosave. The continuation can be played at any time from "Load" on the title screen.

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