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2Captcha Bot APK

About 2Captcha

Application for 2captcha users

Application for 2Captcha users. To work in the application you must have an account on 2captcha.com


There are two ways to login in the application:

- entering your Client key manually or pasting it

- scanning the QR code on 2captcha.com website

1. Sign in to your account on 2captcha.com (in order to scan the QR code you should sign in from a PC or from another mobile device)

2. Ensure that you have selected "worker" mode (you can see your current mode in the top right corner of the screen)

3. Scroll down to the "Solve captchas" block

4. Your Client KEY is marked red and, you can tap/click "Copy" to copy the KEY. Then paste the KEY into the login input in the application and hit "Login" button

5. You can also click on "QR code" link near the KEY to display the QR code. Then tap the QR code icon in the application to scan it with your device camera. Once the QR code is scanned successfully you will be logged in automatically

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