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About 3D Wallpaper

Select from a wide Varity of parallax wallpapers and 3D backgrounds

Bring your screen to life with 3D Live wallpapers - Live backgrounds. Express your mood by selecting from a wide category of 3d wallpapers.

Features of live wallpaper app & 3d Backgrounds

• Free Parallax wallpapers & backgrounds

• Download wallpapers & save to gallery

• 4k HD Wallpapers and live backgrounds

• Anime wallpapers, Nature wallpapers

• Auto wallpaper changer

• Trending & Popular HD Parallax Wallpapers

• New cool wallpaper 3d are added on daily basis

• AMOLED 3D wallpapers & Neon wallpaper app

• Wide collection of animated wallpaper

Animated wallpaper & 4k Backgrounds

Live wallpaper app & HD Backgrounds make your phone screen look stunning. Numerous Categories of 4K Wallpapers are available with a wide range of dynamic illustrations. Anime Wallpapers can be set both on the home screen and Lock Screen.

AMOLED Wallpapers & Neon wallpaper

3d Wallpapers - live video wallpaper has many categories of Hd wallpapers including Sports, Anime, Snow, Christmas, Diwali, Sports, Music, Valentine, Neon, winters, Animals, Nature, Cars, Games and many more cool wallpaper & Live wallpaper 3d. Easily access your favorite anime wallpaper anytime by saving them separately in favorite section.

Parallax wallpapers - 3D animated wallpapers

Enjoy a new category of parallax which is recently introduced. Parallax 3d backgrounds is a type of animated background that uses cutting edge technology by sensing motion. If you love these types of 4K Wallpapers then Parallax background is recommended for you.

Multiple categories of Hd Wallpapers & Live backgrounds

One of the most unique features of our app is the parallax effect. Parallax 3d Live Wallpapers creates a stunning 3D illusion on your phone's screen by moving the wallpaper 3d foreground and background at different rates, making it appear as if the wallpaper is moving in live video wallpaper. The parallax feature is perfect for those who want to add depth to their phone's screen and create a dynamic look for anime wallpaper.

How to use 3D Wallpapers & 4k Backgrounds

• Open the HD/Custom 4K Wallpapers HD App

• Select the category to apply specific animated wallpaper with live video wallpaper

• Adjust the time slot and double-tap on Home Screen to randomly change

• Like a HD wallpapers & save it in the favorite list

• Open Settings and select Auto cool wallpaper changer with 3D Backgrounds

• Set Parallax 3D Live wallpapers either individually or on both the lock screen and home screen

Best wallpapers & live Backgrounds app

Enjoy HD wallpapers live free & Backgrounds to make your phone display look wonderful. 3d wallpapers & Parallax wallpapers make your phone look more exciting by adjusting them in the settings of live video wallpaper 3d.

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