4 Operations Math Game

4 Operations Math Game APK

About 4 Operations

Exersize 4 maths. Compete with your friends.

4 operations math game to help students.

* You can practice at various levels from easy to difficult.

* You can compete with your friends and online players.

The game very simple.

Arrive the target, complete the level.

......:::::: 4 Operations :::::.....


Yes my name is Addition

Line by line and side by side

Give me the numbers you want

I'll add for you at the moment


They call me Subtraction

Never subtract from your mind

Minuend, Subtrahend come will

I have Difference after all


Meet me, I'm Multiplication

I multiply by Factors

I even have a table

Let's memorize if you dare


I'm Division, I'm in too

Please, don't ignore me

Dividend, Divisor, Quotient

Find the Remainder too

.....::::: Our Players :::::.....

Bilge says read and learn

Work, get tired, rest and have fun

Don't forget to cooperate

Of course, as much as you can

Well, they call me Bilgin (Scholar)

Yes I always read and mark

There's one more thing I know

I'll forget if I don't work

I'm Keloglan, I'm smart

I'm connected to my friends

I trust myself very much

I still have to work much

Well, you know I'm Garfi

If I'm comfortable, enough

If I work, I can everything

Never do not get me wrong

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