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About A kid’s diary For parents

Suggest a diary topic that makes it possible to conduct psychology

A kid’s diary provides tailored psychology counseling and character building guide for parents according to the result of psychological state/emotions/interests by analyzing video diaries that the child has written using AI.

- An expert with a 10 year experience in child psychology counseling analysis records his voice by himself for psychology counseling guide

- An expert with an 8 year experience of child education at a day care center records his voice by himself for a guide to character development

- we provide early diagnosis on anxiety symptoms by monitoring psychosocial changes in real-time if a child writes a video diary on a regular basis

[For parents]

- Provide the analysis result of psychological state/emotions/interests in a video diary that a child wrote

- Provide a parenting guide tailored to a child’s psychological/emotional state(Character building through teaching them how to give a compliment, encouraging children to express their feelings and play)

[Access authority] *essential

- Storage : Necessary for uploading a profile picture

- Camera : Necessary for shooting and uploading a video

- Audio : Necessary for audio recording

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