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About ABCKidsTV Spanish- Fun & Learn

Interactive Learning for Toddlers to Master the Vocabulary in Spanish

Welcome to ABC Infinito: Unlocking Endless Vocabulary Adventures!

ABC Infinito is an educational app designed to accelerate kids' vocabulary growth and enhance their speaking and comprehension abilities.

Feature Highlights:

Explore 104+ Interactive Words: Engage in an immersive learning experience with intuitive designs tailored for kids.

Playful Alphabet Puzzles: Solve interactive and entertaining puzzles featuring funny animations, making learning a delightful experience.

Enchanting Audiovisual Experience: Immerse yourself in the world of mellifluous voices and adorable animations that captivate and inspire.

Animated Visuals that Spark Imagination: Witness words come to life through expressive visuals and pleasant animations, stimulating your child's imagination.

Beloved Kid-Friendly Characters: Unforgettable characters from the world of kids make word retention effortless by associating actions with vocabulary.

Understanding the importance of vocabulary and visual learning:

A strong vocabulary is essential across various subjects, ranging from language arts and social studies to mathematics and science. It plays a vital role in developing proficient reading and writing skills, which are fundamental for academic success and personal growth.

Research indicates that students need to encounter and interact with words 5-7 times for effective long-term memory retention. Active engagement is key; encourage your child to draw pictures, define words in their own words, and construct example sentences. Such interactive methods surpass mere repetition and facilitate better word comprehension.

But what about phonics? Why is it crucial?

In the journey of reading, children must bridge the gap between visual text and spoken sounds. Learning letter-sound relationships, or phonics, is pivotal to decode words accurately. English employs the alphabet's letters to represent distinct sounds, and phonics equips children with the tools to decode and make sense of written language.

By teaching the sounds associated with each letter and the impact of letter order on word meanings, phonics empowers children to read with confidence. Without mastering these foundational skills, words like 'dog' and 'pat' could easily be misread as 'god' and 'tap', highlighting the significance of phonics instruction.

Embark on an enriching journey with ABC Infinito, where vocabulary acquisition and phonics converge, laying the groundwork for lifelong language proficiency and unlocking endless possibilities for your child's creativity and imagination.

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