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Exercise your focus, memory, logical thinking and more through fun games!

Active Brain has games for the training of cognitive abilities, with physical and social stimuli. It was designed for those concerned with healthy ageing and seek to train their minds. Cognitive abilities are trained in our games for memory, logical reasoning, speed and attention:

Head to the “Market” to train your memory in a familiar environment, memorizing a list and buying the items as fast as possible.

In “Kittens” you’ll practice your divided attention by focusing on feeding the cats equally.

“Jog” will challenge your quick thinking and motor skill. Type quickly to run and avoid obstacles at the same time.

You may also train your logical reasoning in “Garden”. Move the plants to the marked areas so they can grow. Enjoy while exercising your mind!

The physical stimuli come with stretching and relaxation activities guided by Augmented Reality:

Besides exercising your mind, how about doing some exercises for your body, and working on your body awareness? In the “Exercises” tab, we have breathing and stretching activities for different parts of the body. The Augmented Reality functions will instruct you on the exercises, and you can even share a selfie at the end of the session!

Lastly, the social stimuli allow the player to share events of his/her life and family, in addition to sharing their in game progress with friends and family members.

In the “Genogram”, you can register your sanguine family members and their birthdays.

Active Brain is developed by ISGAME, being attached to a research project financed by FAPESP, which involves researches from multiple universities, including UNIFESP, UNICAMP and PUC-Campinas.

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