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Record your voice memos, music & songs, and share them with your friends!

Record audio – Voice recorder is one of the best voice recorders mostly known as a professional, easy voice recorder for Android devices. Just press the record in advance voice recorder app and never skip important information during a meeting or at a lecture. The fast voice recorder app is easy to use and totally free. Use it to record voice notes, talks, podcast recordings, Voice memos, music recordings, and songs in high quality. For everyone, but mainly for musicians, journalists, and students. Easy voice recorder app recording high quality is limited by the quality device's microphone.

The proficiency of search is applied to an audio recording by an easy voice recorder app. Anything that your wish to record and listen to later, including meetings, Record voice lectures, music band practices, and family memories. Advanced voice recorder to make it good for you to retrieve the information that is important to you, the audio recorder automatically transcripts and labels what you record. Best voice recorder for sound recording by using the high-quality app.

Features of the Voice Recording App are:

High quality advance voice recorder app

Play, pause and share top audio files

Simple voice recorder easy to use

Save recording files with password

Share audio recording with your friends

Delete your Voice recording from the app

Voice recorder use folders to manage and arrange your recordings

Record high-quality MP3 and MP4 music.

Record from your Bluetooth microphone or Smartphones

Control voice recording from anywhere using notifications

Smooth playback feature

App Integration with widget

Silence skip, echo canceler, and gain reduction

Voice recorder fully compatible with Android Wear devices

You can record important meetings with the Easy Voice Recorder app, With your everyday companion advance voice recorder app. Record important meetings, personal notes, your study classes, songs, and much more, without any certain time limits. Audio recorder - Voice recorder is simple and easy to use. There are no time restrictions in it for voice recording. All of your voices can be recorded using this app. A business meeting, a lecture, or an interview can all be recorded.

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