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About Alias - Алиас

Explain the words for a while! A game for a fun company!

The task of each team in a limited amount of time is to explain as many words as possible without naming the word itself from the card. The game has dictionaries of different complexity and topics, which means that everyone can find something interesting for themselves. All dictionaries are available for free!


- Divide into 2 or more teams of 2 people each
- Customize the desired number of points to win in the rules
- The task of each team is to explain the words to other members of OWN team as quickly as possible so that they guess from them.
- If you guessed right - swipe the card up to skip the word - down
- The team that scores the fastest number of points - wins!

You can not call the root of the word and words with the same root;
You can not call the translation of a word in another language;
You can't be too strict - have fun! :)

The word can be considered guessed even if the ending of the word does not match the ending on the card. For example "Egg" - "Eggs".

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