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About AlloCoq

AlloCoq is your professional means of transport

AlloCoq is your professional and friendly means of transport which offers a Taxi service made in France in different countries. AlloCoq, these are taxis available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when public transport lets you down, prices indicated when ordering, and the method of payment of your choice! AlloCoq breaks the strict codes of the market and revalues ​​the profession of taxis. AlloCoq is the app for professional taxis accessible to everyone Order your professional taxi during the day and evening. 0% commission on AlloCoq, there is no commission the price of the race is calculated directly by kilometer

• The only app where you can really pay as you want On AlloCoq, you don't need to register your bank card: you can pay in cash… Convenient for getting around cheaply by contributing with your friends! No cash? You can also pay by card.

• AlloCoq, a reliable service in complete safety for your daily trips!

Need to come home after a night out with your friends, to go to the train station or the airport for a

Going on a trip, or just to come home after work? Think of AlloCoq, our taxis

Professionals accompany you everywhere, all the time, without breaking the bank.

Strikes, delays, public transport... What to choose between metro, RATP bus, Stil tram,

CTM, RER or Noctilien... Not easy to get around in the urban jungle! On AlloCoq, you choose

Your destination, and you order your taxi in seconds. AlloCoq tells you when it arrives and what the route will be. Be informed of its progress live by monitoring the map. At the house of

AlloCoq, our taxis are also trained and monitored on a daily basis.

• A more human, accessible and responsible app We don't just connect people

Taxis and passengers. We do it more responsibly. Everyone meets there! We also encourage you to discuss with your taxi. Conviviality, budget and more human exchanges in professional mode!

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