AllTracker Control Center

AllTracker Control Center APK

About AllTracker Control Center

Account management and target device monitoring app for AllTracker

The app provides the ability to manage the account and target devices on which AllTracker is installed.

AllTracker Control Center must be installed on the device from which monitoring will be performed.

Modules and functionality supported by AllTracker Control Center:

AllTracker Video Surveillance

→ display high-quality video in real time, usable for home security or baby video monitoring

→ sound detector and receiving notifications when a certain volume level is reached

→ image capture when an alarm is triggered

→ two-way audio communication between devices

→ switch between front and rear camera

→ using the built-in flashlight

AllTracker Communication

→ monitoring of all incoming notifications

→ monitoring of all entered text

→ monitoring of all visited websites

→ monitoring of all installed apps

What options does AllTracker Control Center offer:

• Connecting to the account and accessing the profile

• List of connected target devices

• Information about the active subscription

• Description of available plans and their features

• Possibility to purchase a subscription

• Buying one-time coupons

• List unredeemed coupons

• Collect daily bonus points for which you can purchase coupons

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