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About American Football - Quiz

Quiz about American football. Guess the players and teams by photo.

New American Football Quiz 2021!

Do you know all the teams and players? Are you a big football fan? Then, this quiz is for you!

The football quiz is a completely free quiz dedicated to football, players, and teams. Football is the most popular sport in the US. And this is the most popular football quiz.

The game features questions about the National Football League (NFL), the American Football League (AFL), and the Super Bowl!

? Several game modes. You can play online or offline
? Over 500 questions (football players, clubs, riddles, stadiums, captains, facts, NFL, AFL)
? Play against other players in duel mode
? Participate in online elimination tournaments. The best of the best stays in the game
? Compete with other players around the world
? Reach the highest ranking!

? Guess the football player from a photo. 1 photo and 4 answer options
? Guess the team logo. Logos of more than 100 teams
? Guess the year the team was founded. Hard questions
? Guess the football player from a riddle. With participation of the most renowned football players
? Guess the team's captain. Current team captains in real time
? Guess the club's uniform. Guess the main club uniform from a picture
? Guess the club's stadium. You can get to know stadiums
? Survival tournament. The most exciting mode

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