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About Anchor app

Powerful tool to control emotions.

Has it ever happened to you that a particular song ?that you listened to in the past, when you listen to it now it causes a certain emotional state ☺ ,a wave of memories and feelings that also occurred at that time?

Or the smell ? of some particular perfume made you feel the same way you used to when you used these perfumes?

These are anchors that will trigger different emotional states. Anchors can be consciously set up using a certain pattern.

They give you control over all your emotional states.

Imagine now if you could control your emotional mind by reprogramming your subconscious. ?

Anchor app ⚓ based on anchoring emotions will allow you to program your autopilot to act efficiently and with benefits for you.?

Start to communicate with the unconscious mind to make productive instant assumptions and to choose better decisions !

What Anchor app will do for you:

*It will give you control over all your emotional states which affect your actions all the time!

*Think about the emotional state that would be good to have it on demand, which would be useful in many situations.

*You can choose from 8 different emotions and use them when you need the most.

Download our test version of the anchor app from the play store now and finally start controlling your emotions!

Anchor app gives you the ability to handle future challenges and to transform you from being an unruly person to an mentaly strong ,independent person who views the world with a different attitude and adapts to its changes promptly and wisely. While using the app you will learn how to get rid of all negative aspects and nurture positive behavior when needed.

Anchor app is a practical tool based mainly on the principles of stimulus and conditioned reflex and other helpful tools whose task is to record and evoke any emotion at a given moment creating thoughts which contribute into intended action. With it you will take control over your emotional states , in an easy way.

Our app gives you the ability to overcome some unwanted reactions , such as addictions, negative stress , lacunae, phobias , insomnia , demotivation , lack of self-confidence and creativity. But first think about what you want to achieve.

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