Anime Star: Love choices

Anime Star: Love choices APK

About Anime Star: Love choices

An interactive love story game with beautiful anime characters.

* A completely new experience of anime story games enriched with action based storyline!

* Try Anime Star: Love choices - an adventure choice game, and find love story filled with real choices and completely different paths.

* This breathtaking “Anime romance” game perfectly combines elements of mystery, dating , jealousy and love, and we guarantee it will soon become your best choices story game !

* Download this free interactive choice story game and enjoy making crucial choices while unraveling the dangerous games your rival fellows are playing. Your choices adventure starts NOW!

✨ One choice story – multiple endings and various outcomes! ✨

Game feature

* Choices that really matter and end in many different paths in this games

* Addictive story line, well thought-out plot twists, beautiful anime characters


* Each level presents you with multiple choices - make the right answers to proceed.

* What happen with wrong answers ?? Download to find out!

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