Annihilation Space Tycoon

Annihilation Space Tycoon APK

About Annihilation

Manage powerful idle disasters to destroy galaxies and universes!

The fate of the Multiverse is in your hands!

If you like comics, science, adventure and idle clickers we have great news for you! Even if you like capitalist tycoon idle games it's definitely for you!

This is an incremental Si-Fi or Science fiction idle clicker game where you will earn two types of energy - regular Energy and Dark Energy, explore universes in the whole Multiverse, annihilate every atom, and upgrade Disasters. New adventure is waiting for you.

You will find huge numbers you've never seen!

Disasters will help you to transform matter into energy.

All kinds of crystals are a powerful instruments in your hands:

The Time Crystal will get you back in time.

There is nothing stronger than the Power Crystal.

The Reality Crystal can instantly and significantly improve all disasters!

Time travel gives Dark Energy for you!

Everything mentioned really distinct this game from other idle games.

Prepare for a long and interesting story of Universe annihilation! Story full of challenges and adventures is waiting for you.

Discover space and time with a new idle game!

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