Antistress – Pop it fidget 3d

Antistress – Pop it fidget 3d APK

About Antistress - Pop it fidget 3d

Fidget trading is an antistress relaxing game with 100+ pop it & fidget toys 3d

If you feel bored and want fun then this antistress relief game is for you to make you satisfied to pop it a lot of trendy toys. Fidget pop it 3d will enhance your IQ. These fidget games will prove to you that this antistress will be fun and addictive. Fidget Toys game has one-finger control to complete different levels.

Antistress - Pop it Fidget 3d

If you don’t want to get stuck at any point then be careful while arranging the fidget toys 3d. In this puppet game a combination of different colors is arranged according to your requirements. Think, strategize, predict and use all kinds of fidget toys. Who said that fidget toys couldn’t be fun? Pop it 3d is nothing like other antistress games. These types of fidget games are the requirements of every person who wants relief.

Key Features of pop it fidget 3d toys:

Easy swipe to move controls

Relaxed and addictive gameplay

Tension relieving action

Collection of colorful balls

Boundless levels of puppet game

Intuitive interface

One finger control

Antistress relaxation toys

You will have a lot of fun in your spare time by playing this antistress fidget game.

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