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About Antistress puzzle Relax game

A fun game with puzzle and anti-stress gameplay. Draw one line,catch theif,etc.

Anti-stress puzzle relaxation game is a collection of puzzle decompression games. It collects some puzzle games that can exercise the brain and stress relief games that can relieve stress. You can challenge yourself in the game, and you can also release the pressure in the game.

The types of games included in the collection include jigsaw puzzles, sliding puzzles, word puzzles, match-3 games, and more, each with multiple difficulty levels. You can choose games of different difficulty according to your needs, and experience a pleasant and interesting game experience. Easy game process, you can also challenge yourself in the game! In addition, the game also provides a variety of different props, which can help you pass the level faster and enhance the game experience!

Game Features:

⭐Different levels of difficulty are set for different game needs, you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable game time, or you can choose a high level of difficulty to challenge yourself!

⭐Add some puzzles! Improve the player's gaming experience!

⭐New players are provided with free props to get started with the game faster!

⭐A variety of ways to play, including decompression games and puzzle games, enjoy a relaxed and happy game time,

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