Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD

Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD APK

About Aplikasi Belajar TK dan PAUD

Kindergarten and Early Childhood Learning Applications Complete with 52 More Learning Methods

Complete TK and PAUD Study Book is a learning application for kindergarten and PAUD school children that can help children in the learning process in a fun way.

In the Complete Kindergarten and Early Childhood Learning Application, children will learn to recognize letters and recognize numbers as well as about other kindergarten and early childhood lessons. The learning concept in this application is designed interactively and is accompanied by interesting games and sounds so that children don't get bored while playing.

Complete Learning for Kindergarten and PAUD children is a basic thing that must be taught to children from an early age so that they can memorize letters of the alphabet and numbers from an early age.

Learning Features:

- Ramadan adventures from Sahur to Iftar and Eid al-Fitr

1. Learn Muslim Children's Prayer

2. Learn Capital Letters

3. Learn Lowercase Letters

4. Learn Basic Numbers

5. Learn to Write Capital Letters

6 Learn to Write Lowercase

7. Learn to Write Numbers

8. Learn Basic Shapes and Colors

9. Learn to Read One Syllable

10. Learn to Read Two Syllables

11. Learn to Read Three Syllables

12. Digital Coloring Book (100+ Pictures to color)

13. Learn to Color Cartoon Land Animals

14. Learn to Color Cartoon Sea Animals

15. Learn to Color Cartoon Air Animals

16. Indonesian Children's Song Menu (40+ Indonesian Children's Songs Arranged by the Solite Kids Team can be played offline)

17. Learn to Count Add Subtraction

18. Learn Big Small Comparison

19. Learn Animal Names

20. Learn Fruits and Vegetables

21. Learning Transportation Equipment

22. Free Drawing Creative Board

23. Learn the Piano

24. Learning Hijaiyah

25. Hijaiyah Writing

26. Learn to pray

27. Learn Wudu

28. Learn English

29. Learn Arabic

30. Learn Job Professions

31. Study Family Members

32. Learn Islamic Religion

33. Learn Body Parts

34. Study the Solar System

35. Learn to Read the Clock

36. Learn Traffic Signs


37. Play Match Objects

38. Play Paste Puzzle

39. Play Upper and Lower Case Match

40. Play Color Dressup

41. Play Animated Puzzles

42. Play Guess the Letters and Numbers

43. Playing Guess Reading (training children's reading skills)

45. Playing Match the Same Card Images (Training children's logic)

46. ​​Play Guess the Letter Hot Air Balloon

47. Play Guess the Animal

48. Play Guess the Transport

49. Concentration Training Game

50. Play Railroad Assembling

51. Play Hamster Adventures

52. Flying a Rocket to the Moon


SECIL series


SECIL, which is abbreviated as Little Learning Series, is a collection of Indonesian Language Learning Application Series that is specially packaged in an interactive and interesting way that we have made specifically for Indonesian Children. There have been several series that have been released, such as Secil Learning to recite Iqro', Secil Learning Islamic Prayer, Secil Learning Prayer, Secil Learning Ablution, Secil Learning Recitation and many others.

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