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App Lock Applock Fingerprint APK

About App Lock

?Lock apps, hide photos/videos with password. App lock protects your privacy

App Lock, easily lock apps and protect your private data with one click. Guard your phone with PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

100% security and privacy!

?Lock Apps

✦Easily lock social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and others. Never worry about someone flipping through your chats or social media posts.

✦Applock fully protects your Gallery, Contacts, Messages, etc. No one can snoop on your private photos, videos, or messages without a password.

✦Lock apps in multiple ways, protect your private data with PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

✦You can lock Google Pay, Paypal to avoid accidental payments, or prevent your kids from purchasing games.

?Safe Vault

App Lock can hide private photos/videos. Hidden files are not visible in your gallery, only you can view them by entering a password. Keep your private memories from being seen by others.

?Intruder Selfie

It will automatically capture a photo if someone tries to break into your app with the wrong password. No one can view your apps without permission, 100% privacy protection.

?Disguise App

Disguise Applock as another app by replacing the original app icon. Confuse peepers to prevent this app from being discovered by others.

?️Uninstall Protection

Prevent hidden files from being lost due to accidental uninstallation.

?Customize Themes

Multiple themes are available, you can choose the lock screen theme you like.

?More Features:

Hide pattern draw path - your pattern is invisible to others;

Random keyboard - no one can guess your password;

Relock settings - relock after exit, screen off; or you can custom relock time;

Lock new apps - detect if new apps are installed and lock apps with one click.

?Features coming soon:

Encrypt notification - encrypted app messages are not displayed in system notification bar and can be directly read in App lock;

Junk file cleaner - clean up duplicate photos/videos, screenshots, app cache to save memory;

Cloud backup - back up your data to the cloud, never worry about losing files.

⚙️Required permission:

AppLock needs All Files Access permission to help you hide your private photos/videos and other files. It's only used to protect files and will never be used for other purposes.


⚠️What if I forgot my password?

You can set a recovery email to help you reset your password when you forget it.

⚠️How to change my password?

Click Settings -> Click Change password -> Set a new password

We will continue to improve our app! If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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