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About Army Toys Town

Arm yourself soldier! It's time to act!

You are a warrior seasoned in battles and the whole world is at your disposal. Throw a challenge and set your own rules of war. Develop a strategy for how to come to power in the house. No one but you is capable of this because you commando - one man army! Fight all the dinosaurs, anime fraction, gnomes and military. Everyone who dare to stand in your way will suffer your anger. After all you are a green plastic soldier!

The game is not on the phone?! Install faster because it is freely available and you are waiting for a lot of interesting and unique content:

Check out our new store. You will be able to create your own unique soldier of any military era!

- You are waiting for a lot of exciting missions.

- You have a mass of weapons at your disposal.

- A lot of military and civilian equipment.

- Battles against various enemies.

- Exciting gameplay.

And a lot of other things. Start your game right now!

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