Art Master: Coloring Book

Art Master: Coloring Book APK

About Art Master: Coloring Book

Enjoy art puzzle and coloring book game! Restore and liven up pictures

Art puzzle game that everyone will love!

Art Master 2: Art Puzzle Game is a new art puzzle game where you need to restore pictures from parts and color them.

Start assembling the picture in art puzzle game - initially the picture will be black and white. Look carefully at the pieces of the picture that will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and match them with the parts of the picture. Make a picture in full color and liven it up!

Why you'll love Art Master 2: Art Puzzle Game:

- Unique combination of two art puzzle game genres: coloring book and jigsaw puzzle

- Bright and colorful puzzle game graphics

- Unique pictures to color and collect

- Lots of levels to play dailyart every day!

If you like art puzzles, jigsaw puzzle, blick art, star art then Art Master 2: Art Game is definitely for you!

So what are you waiting for? Download Art Master 2: Art Puzzle Game picture puzzle, start color and liven up pictures and create masterpieces!







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