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Embracing you in the flames of a world gone mad

Did they approach you in the chaotic times out of fondness, or did they have other motives? In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, at the decline of the Empire, forces of ambition long hidden in the darkness begin to stir.

You, the Prince of Guangling, are in fact a woman disguised as a man and also an esteemed officer heading an intelligence agency.

In the name of the Emperor, you embark on a secret mission, one that has cast you into a conspiracy that could overturn the world. An accomplished and lonely puppet emperor. A loyal subordinate with a sharp tongue and a love for wealth. A gentleman from a prestigious family with a bearing as fine as jade... Dispatch your secret agents to uncover the secrets hidden beneath their warm intricacies. Use the intelligence gathered to disrupt the power structures of society, and never forget that only by wielding power can one truly protect the things they cherish.

Embark on an emotional journey filled with pleasure and pain

Fully delivered using Live 2D, experience a cinematic immersive performance

Pioneering intelligence system allowing you to delve deep into controlling the political situation and unraveling the threads bit by bit

Unpredictable endings that will leave your heart racing, creating a tense and exciting atmosphere.

Personal secret agents, will help you navigate this world of chaos

New characters, and an exclusive side quest waiting to be explored

Diversified interactions, that will be your daily companion

Affectionate interactions, that will melt your heart in this world of chaos

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