ASMR Salon A Life Spa

ASMR Salon A Life Spa APK

About ASMR Salon

Makeover Stylist & Room Decoration for Girls Game

Double relaxing with playing game and enjoy ASMR in "ASMR Salon" ✨

Squeeze acne and hear a realistic sound by helping girls even boys to solve the problems of acne, uneven skin tone, and dullness on their face, makeup with tons of different cosmetics to create the fashion makeup. There's also Pet Grooming work. You need to help the stray doy, give him a deep cleaning, trimming his dog hair and offer him a warming house! He will always by your side!

It's so realistic as videos you watched about ASMR Mukbang or ASMR Skincare ?✨

Do you think that's all of this game? of course not! Every time you complete a makeover job, you will get corresponding coins. Of course, these coins are used to decorate your Dream House! Earn more coins to buy the furniture you like, and make perfectly your Dream House! What are you waiting for? Hurry up Work hard for it!

? How to play:

- Choose the beauty tools to makeover your customer.

- Apply makeup to the customers with the best cosmetics you think.

- Choose and match the most beautiful jewelry, giving the customer a perfect look.

- Complete all makeover and makeup steps with one finger.

- Choose and buy your favorite furniture to decorate your Dream House.

- When the coins are not enough to buy the furniture what you like, you need to continue to work hard for it.

? Makeover & Makeup ASMR Game Features:

- Relaxing and satisfying ASMR sound effects.

- Realistic with the daily routine skincare.

- Stress relieving makeover and makeup ASMR games.

- Addictive and smoothing gameplay.

- Eye-catchy graphic.

- Tons of realistic beauty tools to makeover.

- A variety of cosmetics for you to makeup.

- Various styles of furniture for you to choose.

- Make your own Dream House.

Are you confident about becoming a Makeover Master? Let's play ASMR Salon to know more about ASMR!

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