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About Astrological Baby Names

Get personal astrological name for your baby based on the parent's birth dates!

Choosing a name for your baby based on the parents' birth dates! Find out before your baby is born which name will to a greater extent develop the best qualities and what it means!

A name (imya) is more than just a word you liked. In each of them lies the destiny of a baby and special magic prevails ✨To create a positive karma and a strong character, according to astrology, the selection of a name should be made considering the position of the planets, which were in a strong phase at the moment of birth ?

“Baby Scope” app analyzes the information you provide based on your astrological map, thus choosing a baby's name and generating the most suitable names for the baby, with detailed descriptions, which you can add to your “favorites” and, if necessary, continue to choose a name for your future baby.

With love and care, Baby Scope ❤️

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