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About Attack on titan Trivia

Trivia quiz for attack on titan the worldwide famous anime shingoku no kyogen

Are you a true fan or the famous anime shinguku no kyogine?
I guess it’s a yes I’m also a big anime lover of this famous anime
so I decided to create this quiz game aot game
with some game levels that invites to answers with a yes or no quiz game
there 15 questions any every level that you have to de bloque in order the passe the next level and you have the right of 3 missed questions only in order the pass to the next level you have at least to answer 10 questions with the right answers I guess you are a big anime lovers so that’s going to be easy for you there no opening from the anime titans
but there some anime characters made using fan art after I wish you will have fun in this small quiz game.
More than 15 characters wallpapers for the attack on titan

Your feedback will play a big role in improving the application and updating this application in the future. Rate us⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and comments

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