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Audio Convert Text Transcribe APK

About Audio Convert Text Transcribe

Convert WhatsApp audio, Meetings, Interviews & Speech to text

This app converts audio into text! We convert all types of audio into text:

1) WhatsApp audio to text

2) Interview & Podcast Transcription

3) Meeting Transcription - identifies up to 10 speakers

4) Monologue, speech to text or class transcriptions

1) WhatsApp Audio to text:

Did you receive voice messages on WhatsApp but you don’t want to listen to it?

With this app you can convert audio to text.

It automatically detects the language, converts the audio to text and sends you a message with the transcription


2) Transcribe your Podcast or Interview into text

Transcribe your Podcast or Interview into a written interview automatically

Upload your audio file on the app and you will receive a transcription of the interview within 3 minutes. The transcription will include the timestamp and also separate the text every time a speaker talks.

3) Meeting Transcription

Select how many people are in the meeting and receive a transcription of it. It automatically detects different speakers and marks what each person said. You also receive a link to the transcription which you can share with meeting participants easily.

4) Classes and speech to text

Want to use the app as speech or voice typing ?

Convert your own voice message into text and share it with your contacts.

It’s voice typing in over 20 languages. Just send a voice note to the bot and it will write it down for you.

We convert audio to text in these languages:

English, German, Brazilian Portugese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Modern Standard/Gulf Arabic, Hindi, Japanese,Korean, French, Farsi, Mandarin, Italian, Turkish, Malay, Tamil, Telugu, Indonesian, Welsh, Swiss German,

The technology is provided by, the leading WhatsApp transcription bot.

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