Automatic Video Mosaic

Automatic Video Mosaic APK

About Automatic Video Mosaic

Blur faces in video automatically and just need one click to add the face mosaic

Pain points of mainstream video mosaic software

There is a certain learning cost, you need to read the tutorial first and get familiar with it slowly

Most of the video content is dynamic and needs to use the target tracking function to adding mosaic, but target tracking lose sometimes

For videos with frequent camera switching, near and far scene, user need to spend considerable time and effort to make a mosaic video with satisfied effect.

The advantage of Auto Video Mosaic App

Auto Video Mosaic App is an automatic face blur App. It can solve the above problems well and easily deal with various complex videos. It has very obvious advantages:

No learning cost, just select the video and click to start, the rest of the work is done automatically by the App

Perform frame-by-frame face detection in the video, record the face position of each frame, and accurately add mosaic

Using the industry-leading face detection algorithm, the detection success rate is very high for side faces, occluded faces, and small faces.

Provide rich mosaic settings, fast processing for simple video, meticulous processing for complex video, user can obtain a balance between time and effect

How to use

No learning cost, no need to say much, just see the screenshot of the app

Mosaic effect

Professional-grade mosaic effect, no frame will be missed, mosaic size is adaptive, and the mosaic ability is far better than those manual mosaic software that requires you to use up your strength. If you have doubts about the mosaic effect, please install the App and check its ability by yourself.

About performance

For the mainstream flagship phone, with the appropriate mosaic settings, processing a 720p video at 30fps can get a very high timeliness, that is, a 10 seconds video can be finished within 10 seconds

The author will continue to optimize the performance to save user's time

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